Torn between the overconsumption of the fashion industry and the vocation for social justice, we decided to keep that passion close to our hearts by making things differently.

Sustainability is one of the primary concerns of the brand; “it needs to last a minimum of 5 years”. So firstly, by producing high-quality swimwear using nylon imported from Italy, lining every model, and guaranteeing the stitches for a year, the products will certainly pass the test of time. Further, we offer a repair service which extends beyond the first-year warranty, so you can continue to wear your favourite bathing suit for many years to come.

Secondly, Chasing the Sun Collective swimwear has used recycled fibres fabric, since the introduction of the brand. Recycled fibres fabric reduces the impact on the environment, and it sources the composition of the nylon through existing products like rubber commercial carpets, fish nets and many more objects.

However, before the ethical shaping of the company and products, Sue and the CTSC team has one ultimate goal,

“To change women’s perceptions of their self-image. Women have been ashamed of their bodies for way too long and searching for a bathing suit has been a painful experience for many of them”.

This is just one of the reasons why she creates swimwear that flatters women’s curves, of every age, by giving more fabric where it is needed. It is sexier to leave a little to the imagination! Beauty comes from your inner confidence and not the amount of skin you show.

Chasing the Sun Collective is only here to dress that confidence with elegant and comfortable styles.

Chasing the Sun Collective

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