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Welcome! We’re so grateful that you are here.

Sue Salleh – Kobeleva is the creator, and brain of Chasing the Sun Collective. In order to make some sort of sense out of this complex yet refreshingly simple girl, I think it best to talk for a second about the Sue we know; the doer, giver, wife, mom and a real world friend.

Sue, the thinker has a huge heart, and is always putting others before herself. Her greatest hope in all she does is that her work will somehow shine some light, bring a smile, and inspiration to the life of a friend. Her compassion finds its expression in her designs, approach to business, and her thoughts of you, happy, confident and comfortable in everything she creates.

Sue has never been one afraid to step out of her comfort zone, which was why after a series of fortuitous events – it all came together at the exact right moment. Her dream of creating something that will be cherished for years to come with minimal impact on the environment.

In a few words, Sue is the epitome of the Sun; life, energy and strength. And that is a clear reflection of the company, the dream, the idea, and the brand Chasing the Sun Collective.

As a tiny enterprise, you are the one who makes the work rewarding and exhilarating. You inspire us to be better, to do something that’s never been done. Sue and all of us here are honored to be sharing this journey with you.



Sustainability & Value Of Design

Sustainability is at the core ethos of Chasing the Sun Collective. We believe that ethical intentions and
sustainable practices, alongside design should underline a garment’s value.

At the drawing board, simplicity and understated elegance is central to our aesthetic. Our intent is for
our garments to be loved, lived in, built on and kept for many seasons.

We want to be leaders in the shift towards sustainability.
While this process takes time and energy, we cannot wait to implement our 2021 goals and beyond to
make Chasing the Sun Collective even more powerful than it already is.

Ethical Production

Fashion has built itself a bad reputation with the onslaught of mass production of clothes with little regard for the environment and the people working tirelessly in often unethical conditions who make
them. We feel a responsibility to change this.

We speak daily with our ethical overseas manufacturer, working closely to ensure the highest quality for your product and – more importantly – to know that all workers are of an appropriate working age, paid fair wages, and are working in safe conditions. We seek to reduce the negative effects of manufacturing.

Total Transparency

Whilst we are very young, at Chasing the Sun Collective, we believe in total transparency.

You have the right to know where and how your products are made and that they were made in safe humane conditions. From the person sewing your garment together in Indonesia to the design team creating the beautiful artwork sat in the UAE. We will always be honest and own up when we make mistakes, it’s the only way we can continue to grow.

Pre - Order

Limited Quantities

As we are built with sustainability at the foundation, we take a very different approach to design and production than most companies. The norm in fashion production is to manufacture as much as you can all at once in order to reduce costs. We decided the better way for us to manufacture would be to make each swimsuit only after someone had purchased it.

We like making to order as it allows us to take our customers through every step that happens from the fabric being cut, to tassels being assembled and everything in between. It means that when our pieces finally arrive with their new owners, people have a deeper connection to the piece of clothing.

Ultimately that’s what we’re all about, bringing meaning back to clothing.

We’re giving 1% Back to the Planet

Even as a small enterprise, we look forward to paving the way for more corporate responsibility in the business community.

By working with 1% for the Planet, an alliance of businesses that understand the necessity of protecting the natural environment, we aim to create a bigger and far more positive impact on our environment than what we as a business alone can achieve.
It’s a small commitment and we think 1% is a good place to start.

Chasing the Sun Collective

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